“Without a Net is the self portrait of a witty bad boy with a heart of gold, a seeker of truth and an adventurer who grabbed my heart and still intrigues me. That’s why I married him.”

Reagan Wilson, Vintage Playboy Playmate, Miss October 1967


“Barry Hornig has lived a life of dreams and nightmares. Fortunately, he learned to tell the difference. Explosive, compelling reading.”

David Dunham, Publisher

“Were there really so many adventures in one man’s life? For this guy, Barry Hornig, yes there were! The adventures intertwine and pile on each other in a rollicking decades long journey of darkness and light.

Claiborne converts these sordid adventures in to an extremely readable book and certainly takes the reader on a no hold barred experience. Like an intelligent Forrest Gump on whatever drug was big at the time, Hornig seems to walk through all the happenings of the underbelly of American culture since the 1950’s to the present. From the Flamingo Kid to hippy real estate broker to the pimps and prostitutes of New york, Studio 54, Afghanistan, prison, Indian Gurus, Morocco, and Santa Fe, this guy has seen and done it all. And he seems to hold nothing back; he tells us the shocking truth about all of it.

I have a sneaking suspicion many colorful stories will flow from this seed pod of adventures.”

Lucien Maurice Provosty

“Compelling and unapologetically honest, Mr. Hornig’s memoir is a fascinating read. From New York penthouses to Afghan bazaars and Spanish prisons, from ruin to redemption, Without a Net is a real page turner. For sheer entertainment value and great conversation, Barry Hornig has surfaced to the top of my list of ‘People I’d Most Like To Have Dinner With!'”

Gail Ranstrom, Author

“This time period in American history has always fascinated me. Barry Hornig’s story is as wonderful, and as fast pace, and as sexy as was the 70s. It reminds me of Catch Me if You Can verses Live and Let Die. I read it in 3 days. I’m glad I read it in the comfort of my Scottish Plaid “Lazy boy” (a 70s lounge chair) as opposed to actually living that life. But parts of that life, I wish I would have been around for: the easy money, the drugs (still in its innocence stage), and the grotto. But I’ll could do without the Spanish jails, the jewelry heist, and other crimes. I’m a big reader and belong to 2 different book clubs. This is the best of the season thus far.”

-Burt Rugby

“Barry’s backstory is as gonzo as it gets. From Studio 54 to Gordon Gekko to Hollywood royalty, he’s on another level.”

Sean Fahey, director of Bailout

“Barry Hornig’s autobiography is a hilarious and well-written page-turner. His New York bred brashness and daring served him well through dangerous adventures around the world as he enjoyed the high life without completely succumbing to the drugs, sex and wild times of the sixties. He survived prisons, pimps, thugs and gangsters of every stripe and tells his story of hobnobbing with the likes of Lenny Bruce, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, Truman Capote, Robert de Niro, Salvador Dali, Jack Nicholson, Sidney Lumet, Ralph Lauren and Jacob Javits along the way. From Club 54 in New York City, into the drug dens of Paris and Tangiers, suffering in (and talking his way out of) a prison in Spain and the edgy life as rug merchant in the Middle East and Afghanistan which took him through the Khyber Pass and the Hindu Kush and eventually to California where he was fortunate to meet and marry the delectable Reagan Wilson, who had been the centerfold in Playboy’s October 1967 issue. Now as a rug merchant and expert he contemplates an extended visit to Goa, the former charming Portuguese colony on the Western Ghats of India, south of Mumbai (Bombay) where the pristine Vagator Beach awaits. Go buy this book of an amazing life!”

-Peter A. Davis

“Barry’s life is juicier, sexier and more dangerous than fiction! Without a Net is a fun read and makes my life seem tame!”

Andrea Pennington, MD, Author of the upcoming book The Orgasm Prescription and host of Ageless Vitality-TV

“When living in L.A. you take for granted how surreal life is there — you accumulate stories that sound like you’re making stuff up. Just the other day I was telling a friend about how I used to buy plants from Jayne Mansfield’s son for set dressing TV shows. For all the stories I have, my good friend, former writing partner, and former employer Barry Hornig has 100x those stories and they are now available for the whole world to enjoy in his new book, Without a Net. You know those Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials? That’s Barry. See for yourself!”

-Graham Dodge, Cofounder and CEO of Sickweather

“The adventure of a lifetime we would all like to live, with a lot of twists – fun and witty.”

-Erwit Reichert, Engingeer and real estate broker, Candidate for Mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Barry’s book, full of every high and low someone could pack into life in last half of the 20th Century, is fun and riveting. We follow the cyclone of Barry’s journey through the disco days of New York to the hipper than hip scene of Hollywood, when there were still real movie studios. A tale of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, swimming pools and movie stars. A great snapshot of a wild and wonderful time, if you made it out alive, and Barry did just that, with style and grace.”J. Dulin Jones, Screenwriter and Playwright

J. Dulin Jones, Screenwriter and Playwright

 “Barry Hornig knows both the mean streets of New York and the terrorist controlled wadis of Afghanistan. A world traveller and adventurer since his early 20’s, he survived near death in a notorious Spanish prison, numerous clashes with heavily armed pimps in Manhattan, and almost lost his soul in sado-masochistic subterranean pleasure caves in Gotham’s sordid Chelsea district. During the years he coked and danced the night away in Manhattan’s fabled Studio 54, he also found time to marry an Italian countess. Travel along with Hornig, as he turns his life around, finding redemption through meditation and contemplation…just in time!”

Stephen M. Joseph, author of The Shark Bites Back

“Barry Hornig’s Without A Net is an unmistakably modern American memoir of the highs and lows of a voyager of the 1960s whose luck shifted multiple times as he sought wealth, adventure and sexual exaltation in a range of places. The narrative has elements of comedy and despair, triumph and failure, but his good-natured storytelling captures personalities and events very close to an American grain many of us lived and loved. A worthy read, and I highly recommend it.”

— William Pearlman, Author and Playwright

 “Barry Hornig’s book will take you from normalcy to grandeur, to adventure, to squalor, and back again at supersonic speed. There are many authors in the world, but how many have lived it? A great mind can be a curse. This is one man’s quest to harness brilliance and the cost of it. A rollicking and raucous journey to nirvana!”

Barry Denton, writer and photographer

“Barry finally heeded that often-heard suggestion from others: ‘Dude! You should write a book!’ What a memoir and what a memory, describing the who, what, wheres and whens during a whirlwind of moments and times most of us are familiar with – only thing, Barry’s lived them, breathed them and totally consumed them, all while balancing himself on that high wire act called life. Forrest Gump was a great work of fiction, yet Without a Net describes a real-life adventure featuring a kid from Brooklyn who from the get-go went full throttle and pushed down the pedal to the mettle. Barry was in the mix, rubbing elbows with household names, icons from celebrity to notorious. Once Barry Hornig got on a roll he either couldn’t, or never wanted to slam on the brakes! Call it what you want, Barry’s Without a Net takes us on a sometimes disjointed but always delicious and shameless romp.”

Lou Christine, author of Kill ‘em with Kindness

“I witnessed my friend Barry’s life in New York. His story and survival are truly remarkable. A must read.”

Anthony Michaels, CEO of AMG Real Estate Services, Inc.